Thursday, April 06, 2006

Floating Gin Palace...

Well...its the first entry for a while...still Sydney based but...about to launch off on the Floating Gin Palace trip...first stop Amman, Jordan...then Aqaba...Petra...then its off to Turkey ...where the floating gin palace concept first began as a thought a few years ago...will be using this blog to keep you posted on how it all goes....departing Syd 18 May...just after my birthday...champagne a definite feature of the outbound journey....!!!!

here's a little snapshot of Petra & the home of the Turkey floating gin palaces...most amazing place ...cannot wait to immerse myself in it!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Evaluation questions...for assessment- group report

Evaluation questions – wwgraffiti participants

The following questions have been designed to support you to explore key aspects of the “develop innovative ideas at work” process that you have undertaken as part of your project experience. This is a core part of your assessment for the unit and needed to obtain your Statement of Attainment.

Your responses are due in via email to Lisa by Friday 18th November! The following list details who will be in touch with you early next week to check you received the questions and that you are “on your way” with them….NOTE…if you haven’t had a call by Wed 9th….check list below and call us!!!

Paulis – call or visit – Junior, Kaaren, Maria
Lisa – call or visit – Felicity, Angela/ Claire
Pete – call or visit – Colleen, Fran (moree), Tiffany
Kylie – call or visit – Anne-Maree, Tony.


Evaluation questions
Element 2 – Generate a range of ideas
1. Describe how you went about identifying and exploring your preferred idea for your workbased “innovative idea” for your e-learning activity?

2. How did you go about testing and selecting your preferred idea? think about what factors went into your decision making eg. what you needed to make it work, what needs your young people had, barriers etc

Element 3 – Collaborate with others
3. How did you get feedback from the relevant people in your workplace about your idea for your e-learning activity? eg.young LTL participants, collegues, others….

4. How did you refine your idea once you started ?

Elements 4/ 5 – Reflect on ideas/ represent ideas
5. How did the various project activities (ie. workshops, your blog, online activities , mentor support) help you to reflect on your innovative idea and match them to your young people’s needs?

6. What strategies did you use to involve your young people in reflecting on / improving the e-learning activity idea?

Element 6 – Evaluate the idea
7. What areas need to be considered to evaluate/ improve your ideas for next time?

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

wwgraffiti...assesssment wrap up...

Hi everyone!

Firstly a HUGE thankyou to everyone for your participation and energy at our 11 Oct workshop and at the Forum event....we had great feedback on our project as a result of Kylie and Kaaren/ Felicity/ Tony's Hot Topics in this a well done guys!!!!

Just to bring you up to speed with where things are at……Paulis and I met today to work out the structure etc for the final group report that we discussed at the workshop with Grant there which will make up the final component of our assessment for the TAA unit.

Paulis and I are working on the draft report which will include some key areas for evaluation – for you to complete, as well as a feedback sheet which we are asking you to try and get some comments from your LTL young people that have been involved in your workbased activities for the project - we have linked all these directly to the TAA unit outcomes….when we get all the feedback from you and include it in the group report we will make sure that each of you get a copy of the full report.

So…in terms of where to from here:
- Keep an eye out for an email of your evaluation questions and the feedback sheet for your young people who were involved in your workbased activity - being sent out around Fri 4th Nov

- I will also load these 2 things onto my blog and include a link in my email to you

- ALL MENTORS (ME INCLUDED) will be in contact with you as per list below to check that you are all OK with questions etc - aiming to do this between Monday 7th and Wed 9th Nov

- All of you need to get your assessment responses back to me BY EMAIL by Friday 18th Nov (ie. 2 week turnaround)

So....that' s about all for now....have a quick look at the list below to see which one of us will be contacting you...if we havent got hold of you by 9th Nov...CALL US!!!

OK - re who is to contact who between the 7-9 nov to make sure that everyone is “sorted” and can do the eval questions in time…..

  • Paulis – call or visit – Junior, Kaaren, Maria
  • Lisa – call or visit – Felicity, Angela/ Claire
  • Pete – call or visit – Colleen, Fran (moree), Tiffany
  • Kylie – call or visit – Anne-Maree, Tony.

Thanks again everyone...for stunning Forum effort….feedback on all counts was sensational and the wwgraffiti –elearning focus via exhibitions and hot topics were very well received by our LTL gang….so Thanks guys!!!!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

wwgraffiti - Workshop No 2 notice.....

Hi everyone

Just a reminder about next Tuesday’s wwgraffiti workshop – I am meeting with Paulis and Pete and Kylie today to finalise things and will send you an agenda, details of what you need to prepare for the day and confirmation of times/ location etc. Hopefully all of you have now booked in for accommodation if needed and the Forum event..if not…suggest you contact me immediately as registrations for the Forum officially closed last week!!

At this stage the key focus of the day will be
1. recap what we have learned eg from previous workshop and at work
2. 5 min presentation per person about what you have been doing with wwgraffiti in your workplace, issues, challenges, successes etc
3. Round table discussion of issues/ difficulties etc arising from attempting to implement your workbased project with your young people – focus here will be on identifying key challenges and generating ideas for how to address them.
4. recap on assessment – ensure everyone is clear on what to do / hand out info re assessments.

Aiming to start around 10am and finish at 3pm (as some of our group are also table facilitators at the Forum and we will all go to Forum venue after wwgraffiti for 4-6pm meeting/ walk through as previously arranged).

So …that’s it for now…will confirm all this in email including specific room – either at SITU and/or PHM as per last workshop. Hope all is going well

Talk soon


Monday, September 12, 2005

wwgraffiti - quick update on things

Hi everyone! Thanks for the updates from those who have called/ emailed. Things sound like they are going well out there! Dont forget to keep blogging to keep us all posted with how things are going with your workbased projects. The Forum is coming up...registrations opened today. Kaaren, Felicity and Tony will be doing a "hot topic" on wwgraffiti and their experiences so look out for that one on the program. Kylie will also be doing one covering some of the software and technology around on the web to share around some of our it's "all happening". You should all have been visited by or have planned a meeting with your mentor by now if that hasnt happened...please contact your mentor NOW!

About your assessment..dont forget to keep a journal of your experiences on your blog as this will form one of your pieces of evidence for your assessment. Other evidence you need to keep includes:
  • your mentor -mentee agreement,
  • what you have produced or done as part of your workbased project
  • a written reflection at the end of your workbased project - looking at a few questions that I will give you at the Oct 11th workshop (and that you will need to email back to me)

so...most of it is all just part of what you are doing that blog of yours is really important ....if you havent been on there for a while....get going! It would be great if each of you could do a short entry about where your workbased projects with your kids is at, how's it going, what's going well, what's a challenge etc etc....look forward to reading them! cheers Lis.

Friday, August 12, 2005

the drive home....

Guthega...the snow escape!

Well...the escape to the snowfields was a stunner!...Managed a ski with Gill Thacker who was staying at Perisher as well....unfortunately, didn't manage the planned ski with Claire (co-blogger and boarding queen!) she got up close and personal with a tree and had to have a lie down and a couple of panadols to recover!!! few photos to share.....

Digital storytelling

Finally...bit late...but made it! First of blog has a new look....decided to revisit the templates and go for something a little less "Kermit" coloured! I spent a bit of time reading through the rest of the gang's blogs...some great photos, stories and information to think about....Had a bit of a search around and found quite a good little site - Scott County Digital storytelling centre - one of their photos is attached...just appealed, somehow! It tells the story of how a group of school teachers in the US got together and created digital stories with their kids...this site shares their stories and those of their check out the "resources, tools etc page" has some additional places to go for storytelling webbased tools...worth a look.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

cute little guys....givin' the cartoons a go...

Wow...Pete is on speed! I just had to give this a shot in my blog first...some cute little cartoons that you can design and email....had to log this one in! Go Gnomz

Flickr - some snow and a little inspiration!

Well..what a little find this one of Kylie's gems has some stunning photos and allows you to set up your own site where you can tag, share and send your photos as well as experience, comment and use the huge stash of photos already's a good one

where's the party at

good demo where's the party at?